Booking You can book rooms in advance using the service “Booking” from WuBook.

  1. Booking through a common and proven service «Booking» WuBook clock.
  2. With this online service, you can see the availability on the dates of your choice, pay for accommodation service via electronic payment systems, plastic Visa / MasterCard type of cards. With instructions for safe use of payment systems can be found on the websites of the payment systems in the payment transaction.
  3. Reservations made on the basis of a public offer contract to render services. The conditions for such a public contract published on this site, and payment Customer Service is agree with the terms of the contract. We will respond to your questions by e-contract and payment on weekdays from 8-00 to 17-00 (Novosibirsk, +3 MSK) at tel. + 7 965 820-22-24. Unfortunately, we can only communicate in Russian. If you want to book a place on a Friday night or Saturday-Sunday, you will have to wait until Monday to get a booking confirmation.

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