We tried to create on our database all the necessary conditions so that you can carry out:

  • corporate holiday, because of the collective recreation in nature – an effective way to strengthen the team spirit and the ability to communicate informally;
  • sporting events that will get a lot of experience and all the light breathe the salubrious mountain air;
  • friendly picnic in the company of his family and friends;
  • a relaxing stay in the fresh air, feel the power and mystery of the Altai Mountains.

It offers travelers on the basis of “Raft-Premier” is proposed: 1. Places for tents (camping); 2. 35 summer houses, built of cedar and pine; 3. Volleyball Court; 4. Gazebo with barbecue; 5. Bonfire; 6. Beach; 7. A cozy cafe for 60 persons (150 * 200 square meters); 8. 3-storey cottages; 9. Office; 10. Sacred stone; 11. Russian sauna; 12. Guarded parking; 13. Terrace; and – Children playground; – Luggage storage.


Поделись с друзьями!