“Raft-Premier” is designed for the active tourist contingent! Enjoy a delicious and inexpensive meal in a cozy cafe, where you will be offered a wide variety of meals prepared from organic products. In the performance-based professional pianist plays live music, which will be a wonderful addition to any evening. Katun is located on the banks of the real Russian bath, ability to relax and heal your body after a nice walk. At your service on the base, there is a comfortable summer house with barbecue, volleyball, table tennis, playground, storage, space for their tents (camping), guarded car parking. Look forward to hiking, biking and horseback riding in the surrounding area, beach mini football, beach volleyball, sightseeing tours with a visit to the island of Patmos, Goat trails Chemalskiy hydroelectric sources of live and dead water and much more. For lovers of fishing we can arrange excellent fishing. You have the opportunity to catch species such as trout, grayling, trout, ruff and others. Base personnel pays great attention to comfort and customer service levels. Because of this, many of our guests come back again. “Raft-Premier”- this is the best holiday in the mountains of Altai!

  • Rafting in the Altai

    Rafting in the Altai

    Altai Mountains is famous for its turbulent rivers: Katun, Chuya, Argut – these words evoke the thrill even of experienced athletes. Rafting is one of the most extreme and popular sports in the Altai. Confrontation human with the element of […]

  • Баня на 6 человек

    Russian bath

    Russian bath – the closest and true for Russian soul and body. The combination of steam and broom strengthens the body, young soul. Come to the Altai Mountains and did not go to the real Russian bath on the bank […]

  • Пляж у Базы отдыха "Рафт-Премьер"


    Пляж Кто был на Алтае – знает, какая роскошь – песчаный пляж на берегу горной речки. База отдыха “Рафт-Премьер” расположена в таком месте на берегу Катуни, где река образует тихую заводь, а берег устлан горным песком. Здесь можно с удовольствием […]

  • Камень "Дед Алтай"

    Point of interest

    Алтай – сосредоточие мест, которые надо увидеть хотя бы один раз, не говоря уже о том, что в каждое время года эти места разные и, по-своему, прекрасные. Мы будет пополнять список самых интересных и красивых достопримечательностей, чтобы вы смогли открыть […]

  • Excursions


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