Altai Mountains is famous for its turbulent rivers: Katun, Chuya, Argut – these words evoke the thrill even of experienced athletes. Rafting is one of the most extreme and popular sports in the Altai. Confrontation human with the element of water, a bunch of unforgettable experiences – all this attracts the attention of outdoor enthusiasts. Distinctive features of the Altai rafting are its versatility and affordability. Experienced rafters wish to challenge the most severe Katun or Chuisk rapids. And for those who have never held a paddle in hand, experienced instructors recreation base “Raft-Premier” help you choose the safest route, which will take part not only adults but also children. Rafting in Altai – it’s one of the best opportunities to get acquainted with the mountainous Altai –  in all its beauty and power. Only knowing the fury of water and stone, you begin to understand what kind of power lies in this amazing land called Altai. It should be noted that in August 2003 the recreation base “Raft-Premier” was visited by President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. He floated down the river Charysh. Untitled

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