Each guest base to the extent of their training can choose alloy under his ability, experience guides – instructors and professional equipment make adventure as safe as possible. Try your hand at rafting medium difficulty – fascinating and interesting as active recreation on the trails team recreation “Raft-Premier.” We guarantee an unforgettable experience and a good dose of adrenaline that you get from the water travel through the Altai! Turbulent rapids will make you forget about everything in the struggle against the elements. You will get your adrenaline pumping for a few months of life. Routes are designed for physically healthy people without special training. Advised to insure against accident and from a tick bite. Persons in need of treatment and constant medical supervision, to travel on routes not recommended. Secure the legs in the raft! Fixing foot raft using special hardware (“loops”), you will not fall out of the raft, even on a steep turn. Row faster when on your way visible stones and “funnel”. The faster you’ll row, the less likely that the raft will carry back, and he turned over. Listen to the leader! Rafting – Team kind of active leisure in which each party performs its function and the whole team listens to the leader – a qualified instructor recreation “Raft-Premier.” During extreme travel in a raging river, only joint efforts and coordinated work of all participants of rafting provide movement in the right direction. Price: by agreement By alloys of medium complexity, children under 14 are not allowed. Adolescents 14-18 years are admitted to the routes of medium difficulty with ONLY parents. If you have a big family or you come to us with friends, we will make you a discount on the alloys from 5 to 15% For more information contact us in any way convenient for you: our contacts

Select a time for leisure and find truly Gorniy Altai with professionals recreation “Raft-Premier”!

Taking care of you and your gorgeous and safe holiday – our main goal!


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