You can always find a place under the tent!

Spend your holidays in a tent city recreation base “Raft-Premier” You’ll get a kick out of just being outdoors , and adding to it a little more outdoor activities such as rafting or horseback riding, camping vacation a truly unforgettable experience ! You will not notice how become more inventive. Tourism tents will teach you to find a creative approach to his life, as the absence of the things you are used to being in a city apartment, give you a good stimulus for imagination. Recreation base “Raft-Premier” is pleased to accept and place you in a tented camp in the vast territory! Facilities: 220V, WC, shower, wash basins at the base.


Room Specifications

Цена за номер: от 1000 руб./сутки за 2-х местную палатку
Удобства на территории: туалетно-душевой комплекс базы, кафе, пляж
Примечания: розетки 220В вдоль площадки
Количество домиков: 20 мест

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